Danish jewellery designer Charlotte Mielko launched her first Saturn ring in 1998.

The former fashion designer wanted to express herself as an artist and the choice fell on fine jewellery, rather than clothing.

Charlotte finds a ring much more personal than a piece of clothing, and through her work as designer and stylist she has often experienced that jewellery puts the finishing touch to any outfit, and for Charlotte it’s important that the jewellery itself has attitude and is eye-catching.

“I am proud that people think my pieces are beautiful, several people that I admire within the beauty and fashion industry have bought them. That of course is very inspiring for me and I will be happy to see my jewellery worn by people  in the future and experience that they and coming customers are happy with what I do and that my jewellery manage to become a part of their identity and expression,” states Charlotte Mielko.

“I strive for a more sustainable approach in order to being able to work with a creative expression and beauty that can be worn with satisfaction.

My aim is to create and design with understated elegance and passion, with a manufacturing process grounded in good handmade craftsmanship, the result being jewellery made in the outmost exclusive quality.”