Behind the brand is the former stylist and fashion- and lifestyle journalist, Charlotte Mielko. She originally trained as a fashion designer from Columbine School in Copenhagen, and have both made a career in Paris and Stockholm. 18 years ago Charlotte Mielko chose a new path and designed her first jewellery collection.

The launch of what should become her signature ring, ‘Saturn’, was established. The ring consists of three parts – a narrow ring held by a bracket on a wide ring, making the ring more vivid on the finger. The inspiration for the ‘Saturn’ ring comes from the planet itself, the design is at the same time classic in the form of real materials, but also spiritually and distinctive and it differs significantly from other Scandinavian jewellery. Matching ‘Saturn’ bracelets are also in her collection.

Charlotte Mielko works from a sustainable approach, why all jewellery since the beginning has been produced in Denmark, to reduce CO2 derivation by long journeys. MIELKO JEWELLERY stands for slow design, why all jewellery is handmade and has undergone several handcraft processes. The Jewellery pieces only consist of genuine materials like gold, rose gold, oxidized silver, diamonds and other gemstones. The combination of materials give every piece a personality and edge in a luxurious way.

In the upcoming collection “Calypso” presented in Feb ’17 colored gems and black diamonds will also be available. This collection, like the previous focus on quality and design and is both graphic and feminine at the same time.