Say hello to summer season with MJ’s new arrivals.

The popular Ceres Pearl collection from MIELKO JEWELLERY is now expanded with two pairs of eardrops, as well as two necklaces with the possibility to add your own personal touch to the necklace, in the form of a pendant.

The new eardrops are an extension of the Ceres Pearl collection and, like the previous jewelry, are made in sterling silver, or 24 karat gold plated, and produced in Copenhagen. The jewelry is all adorned with the most beautiful South Sea and Baroque pearls in pink, white or greenish shades and is the perfect combination of raw and feminine.

Style for everyday or more festive occasions. On the necklaces, the pearls are stuck with karabin hooks, which make it possible to personalize the chain, with the favorite pendant you already have. That way you can put your own touch on the jewelry and combine new and old. The jewelery can also be combined with the other MIELKO JEWELLERY jewelery.

Collection is named after the Roman goddess ‘Ceres’, which symbolizes motherly love. ‘Ceres’ is also the name of a dwarf planet and thus the perfect match for MIELKO’s otherwise astronomical universe. Prices start from 1599 DKK